a little pampering

Every mummy needs a little pampering. Heck, everybody needs pampering now and then.


One of my girlfriends gifted me this amazing facial mask from GlamGlow SUPERMUD®. I tried it on tonight after the little ninja was down for the night – my girlfriend warned me that it’s black so I figured I’d better avoid scaring the little mite, hehe.

Glamglow SupermudInside Glamglow Supermud box

I must say, it’s a very nicely packaged product – look at how it shines at you!

Glamglow Supermud jar Glamglow Supermud jar opened

I pried open the silver foil top to reveal a dark grey mud mask:

Glamglow Supermud opened jar

The instructions tell you to spread a thin layer over your face while avoiding the eye area. It was a thin consistency, easy to spread and right away I could feel the cooling sensation of the mask. It smelt eucalyptus/minty and slightly aniseed-y to me – very refreshing!


As it’s a thin layer you spread on, it starts drying very quickly and I could also see the oil being absorbed out of my T-zone area! There were bits of eucalyptus leaves scattered throughout – probably to remind you there’s eucalyptus in it, heh.

mud skin


Left it on for approx 15 minutes (it says 5-20 minutes) then washed it off with cool water. Wow – my skin felt so soft and clean! My blackheads also looked a lot lighter after too! I quickly applied some facial serum I had to boost moisture (my girlfriend told me she usually does a clay-type mask followed with a hydrating mask).


As she’s the facial products/beauty guru, I asked her how often I should use it on my T-zone area to help clear out my blackheads and she recommended twice a week is plenty.


It felt really nice to do a little something special for myself 🙂 Plus, the little ninja was so easy on me today when we went out shopping earlier. Handled it like a champ in the carrier (by mostly sleeping) and was all smiles when it came time to feeding him halfway through.