the sounds of a ninja boy

Wow, it has been a while since our last update! The past week the little man has been rather clingy and needing extra attention. Not sure if it’s due to a growth spurt/wonder week thing but he’s certainly kept us busy!


Our little ninja boy is working on his voice, haha. His squeals are getting louder and he’s working out a myriad of sounds. He’s loving being a little chatty man now and definitely knows how to squeal to get someone’s attention! When hubs reads to him at night, bubs likes to “talk” as well, very cute to see my two loveys together “chatting”.


In addition, we’ve noticed he’s starting pulling a new face that’s like a half cry, half pursed lip look. Hubs and I have wondered who pulls that facial expression!


He’s definitely working on doing a proper laugh – can’t wait for the day it happens. For now, it’s still pretty much a happy gurgle.


His hand-eye coordination is improving fast too! He’s getting pretty good at grabbing his bib and bringing it up to his mouth to suck. Speaking of sucking, that kid is drooling so much that we’re swapping his bib at least once a day now. Plus he’s worked out how to suck on his forefinger/thumb – wetness alert!!


Tummy time is getting better, the kid will happily play and talk/squeal to himself for at least 3-5 minutes each time now. Before, he used to scream his head off until he was picked up. Now, he sometimes just lays his head down and chills out on the floor, haha.


Over the weekend, I volunteered at the GroVia stand during the recent Pregnancy, Babies and Childrens Expo. Took the ninja along in the Manduca carrier and we had a ball! He slept for most of it while I shared my GroVia cloth nappying experience with expectant parents. Plus, we were given GroVia nappies as a thank you for volunteering – so yay for adding to my cloth nappy stash 😀

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