the ninja’s sleep quirks

Sometimes, the ninja will cry in his sleep and oh, it’s so pitiful it just breaks my heart.


It’s this high-pitched little wail, like he’s having a nightmare and it always makes me want to scoop him up into a big hug and cover him with kisses but nooo…I must refrain to doing so as he’s normally still asleep. I usually end up patting him and giving him a small kiss in the hopes that he knows I’m there for him.


He has also “laughed” in his sleep before. I put laugh in quotation marks as it sounds like a laugh/giggle but he’s not yet laughing/giggling when he’s properly awake.


It’s also very adorable when he gives a contented sigh as he snuggles down to sleep. Just so sweet.


I love it best when he grins in his sleep. There was one day I was stroking his head to help him fall asleep and as he closed his eyes, he gave a few grins. My heart just about melted into a puddle on the floor.

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