the little ninja and his dino friend, spike

For the little ninja’s first Christmas last year, we bought him a toy dinosaur. Why a dinosaur? Mostly because hubs adored his Dino Riders toys when he was a young un so he was keen to pass on the dino love to his son.


This is the plush dinosaur we bought:

He’s pretty cute, hey?


When the ninja “opened” his present on Christmas, he was only 7 weeks so not very interested in toys yet. We’ve been giving him Spike to play with since last week and this week he’s really taken an interest in Spike. He’s working on them fine motor skills with the grasping and poking! It’s really cute (and a bit of a relief!) that the ninja likes to have playtime on his own. Of course, he’s still within view of me and every so often, when I glance over at him, he’s looking right at me and will sometimes flash a cheeky grin *heart melts into a puddle*


We also introduced another toy at the same time, the Oball.

Some dear friends gifted us with this at the ninja’s baby shower. Again, the ninja loves it. It’s very cute to see him concentrating on it with his tiny fingers poking/grasping at it.


It’s quite amazing to think that only two weeks ago, he wasn’t very interested in playing by himself but now, we’re able to pop him in his bouncer and chuck Spike/the Oball in with him and get a few minutes free to do other stuff around the home!

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