thank goodness we think our baby’s cute

You would be wondering, “Why on earth would you entitle your post that?”


Well, yesterday was rather stressful. Hubs had a day procedure that required us to be at the hospital by 7am (thus meaning 5.30am start to the day to get ourselves ready and out the door). I knew that after his procedure, he wouldn’t really be able to do much the first day as he would need to just rest and let the healing begin.


Admittedly, the ninja was pretty good during the day. He slept heaps probably because it was cooler than it has been the last few days so it was nice and quiet.


The stress for me began after we got home from collecting hubs from the hospital. Bub had become a little hyper/attention seeking and I was trying to get dinner ready while hubs zonked out on the couch. I’d also discovered my left boob had become lumpy due to plugged ducts (in just one day!) so was desperately trying to get bub to feed properly on it to help relieve it. But, of course, he didn’t – the time I needed him to feed like the champ he usually is, he decided to fuss and scream at the boob. Argh!!!


Had dinner in peace (which involved putting him in the bouncer to stare at us) then he started whinging again so figured he was ready for a sleep. As I was trying to get him to sleep, hubs’ parents rang up to see how he was going and I gave up on the sleep idea because the ninja just wasn’t cooperating. Halfway through the Skype conversation, he starts fussing AGAIN so I pop him on the boob (still trying to clear the blockages in my left boob but again, fussing/screaming after several minutes) but he must’ve either gotten enough milk OR enjoyed the sucking sensation because that kid went to lala land. I went to have a shower while I asked hubs to keep an eye on him. As I nearly finishing my shower, bub woke up and started shrieking. SIGH…Hurriedly finished my shower and rushed downstairs to try and console bub before taking him to have a bath and settle down for the night.


THIS is where it went berserk. He was perfectly happy during the bath but after I’d taken out to dry him, this is the start of where I felt like I was being pushed to the max. I hadn’t been able to wrap the towel around him properly so went to place him on the changetable so I could rearrange the towel. At this point, he began to scream at level 10000000x. He went from a happy pink to a bright angry red with shrill wails. I swear our neighbours must think we’re torturing him with red hot pokers every night. Nothing I could do initially would calm him down, he just wailed and wailed while my heart was bleeding and my stress levels were rising. I was desperately trying not to lose my cool. Hubs was still rather out of it so whilst he tried to help, he really wasn’t in a position to.


Eventually, I got a nappy on (yes, he was still butt naked in the towel) and put him on the boobs (again, lefty was still lumpy) and he calmed down eventually. Thank God for natural milk drugs. Got him dressed then thought I would have a chance to clean up but no, the crying started again. OMG kill me now! Paced between the bedrooms while waiting for him to calm down. Hubs is lying in bed, drifting in and out. It was really hard as normally we can tag team so it’s times like these that I mentally salute all single parents.


Anyway, the ninja calmed down and I zipped up into his sleep swaddle bag, stuck a pacifier in for extra precaution and YES, he finally fell asleep. Hubs took himself off to bed while I went downstairs to put the cloth nappies laundry on and clean up the kitchen. Once that was all done, I munched on some dark choc buttons while looking up how to clear blocked milk ducts, heh. I think I must’ve been able to finally relax because as I was firmly massaging the lumpy area, milk started flowing so I hurriedly went over to the sink. Aaaahhhh, relief! The lumpiness started to go and when I fed bub at midnight, my boob was back to normal! Phew! The fun of breastfeeding, huh? 😉


I called up a friend to have a rant/destress and she was absolutely lovely. She hilariously said at one point, “Good thing babies are designed to be super cute so you get sucked into caring for them. Imagine if they weren’t so cute, you’d probably be not inclined to care when they drive you crazy!”


When I told her about bub’s screaming fit, we both agreed it couldn’t just be reflux as he would be doing that after every feed. So we figure it must either be that bub’s arsenic hour is around 9pm or he’s going through a developmental phase thing (look up “wonder weeks”) which is what hubs had said earlier in the evening. We’re really hoping that a SUNNY week of happy behaviour is coming up because this screaming gig ain’t cool.

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