reminders of being a mum

A friend posted this on my FB wall earlier today – ten things moms with littles need. Definitely bookmarking that for future! I can attest that patience and grace are something required from the get go! I kept reading that website and loved this post – the happy mom pledge.


I felt better this morning (we actually managed to start our day at 9.30am!) because the ninja was sleeping in blocks of 3 hours or so, woohoo! There was a minor setback because as I was feeding him this morning, he had a massive poo that leaked out the side of his nappy which required emergency clean up before resuming the feed.


Also found this other article that was shared on FB – I Wasn’t Treating My Husband Fairly, And It Wasn’t Fair. I am guilty as charged (shamefaced!). There’s no two ways about it, the poor man has copped it on the chin on many occasions and all he wanted was just to help and make the ranting stop.


Right now, I’m watching him contentedly suck on his moustache pacifier while he naps on my exercise mat. It’s moments like this that fill my heart.

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