past the 12 week mark

Wow, the 12 week mark came so fast! Just think, only a year ago, our little ninja hadn’t yet existed! The fourth trimester is officially over, haha.


He’s changed so much in this short period. As I fed him earlier, I marvelled at how long he is now. In the early weeks, he was so tiny he fit entirely on the feeding pillow and it was so easy for me to flip him around to feed on the other breast. Now, he’s so long I end up with just his head resting on the pillow and he’s not as easy to flip around.


Just look at his hand for instance – this was at 5 days:

thumb5daysThis is his hand today (so chubbeehhh!):


Hubs just came down after changing his nappy to show me the ninja’s newest “trick” – he can now briefly stand (while holding onto his arms)! It was really cute watching hubs try to coax bub into showing me his new trick. Little man just kept slowly sinking onto his bottom, haha!


I think we’re finally getting into a better routine of sorts but of course, still need to remain flexible. For instance, today bubs is feeding every 2.5 hours instead of his usual 3-4 hours and is a bit clingy. Yesterday, however, he was super chatty and chirpy – he talked and squealed to himself so much last night while playing with Spike the dino.


The ninja is now uber drooly too. I’m having to change bibs at least twice a day because he’s either munching on it or drooling while munching on his fist.


Baby’s first Chinese/Lunar New Year is coming up too! Unfortunately, we’re not in Asia so don’t have easy access to finding cute baby Chinese outfits. I did manage to score a cute little red romper for him to wear and will be making a custom appliqué to sew onto it. Will post a pic of it later if it works!

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