ninja superpower – the crying

Call me naive, but I don’t think I ever fully understood how my baby’s cries would just cut me!


Sure, I was fortunate enough to read a blog post (can’t recall whether it was during late pregnancy or in the early days of ninja) with this golden piece of parenting advice: This too shall pass. It really helped put things into perspective when I hold a screaming baby who’s turning redder by the second and (sometimes) has big fat tears. Ooohh..those tears! 🙁 It reminded me that while there are hard moments (crying baby, anyone?), there are also plenty of sweet moments (that first grin/coo) that are all so fleeting. Already my little ninja is 9 weeks!


I also recently came across this other blog post called “Brace yourself: The zero to ten scale” which was such a great reminder when I was (yet again) holding a screaming baby who wouldn’t go to sleep without singing me his sleep song. This particular line hooked me:

At 10, loud and incessant crying, your baby is also doing his job.
He’s just a baby and I have to keep reminding myself that his crying is just his current way of communicating everything. One day, he’ll be able to speak words and we’ll then need to work on new ways of communicating effectively. Till then, sweet little boy, mama will hold you and do her best to stay calm for you when you’re screaming in my ear. I will do my best to soothe you and show you that you are so very loved and safe in our arms.


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