nighttime cuddles

The hubs is still on the mend after his minor surgery which is good but he’s still not able to be 100% hands on deck. So this mama bear is shouldering most of the parenting and household maintenance till he’s able to help out again.


It’s been a lot harder than I thought it would be.


At midnight last night, after feeding the little ninja, I held him up on my shoulder to burp him. The little one was milk drunk and softly snoozing. I savoured the feel of his round velvety cheek against mine. Breathed in his baby scent and nuzzled his soft hair. Tried to imprint into my memory the feel of his warm weight against my body, his little arms draped over my shoulder.


Moments like these make the late night feedings and nappy changes just a little more bearable. It’s no fun stumbling out of bed and across into the other room with him in my arms, desperately trying to get him on the boob in a bid to make him stop crying so he doesn’t wake the hubs. The bleary eyedness and zombie mode of feeding and nappy changing.


But when I look at this little face in my arms as he slumbers, my heart melts and I’d do all over again. When he was back in his cot, I couldn’t help but plant soft kisses all over that cutie’s face. That kid…he’s got me, got me good.

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