losing hair

So around the 12 week mark was when I started to notice my hair had gone back to its pre-pregnancy shedding state. It’s a pity because I have really enjoyed being one of the lucky ones to have minimal hair loss during pregnancy. It was so convenient not to have clean hairs from the shower plughole every time I washed my hair or from my fingers/brush after combing.


Now? Shedding hair everywhere! I’ll often find a strand of hair in the ninja’s fist/stuck to his neck folds when I’m babywearing him. I discovered that there’s this thing called ‘hair tourniquet” where hair can get wrapped around part of baby tightly. OK, so I know it’s not a cause for over reacting but I’m more mindful now of my stray hairs and am motivated to vacuum more often.


Lunar New Year starts tomorrow! I’m hoping to bake a batch of cornflake cookies tonight. Owing to a small ninja who occupies most of my time and arms, I cheated and bought a pack of frozen pork and chive dumplings plus dried flat egg noodles for our reunion dinner tonight. It’ll be the ninja’s first Lunar New Year! He’s even got two new red outfits to wear. Sadly, I’ve not yet done his special Year of the Goat/Sheep applique owing to lack of free time and arms. Next time…

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