it just takes time

Sorry for being MIA the last two months.

In brief, my father suddenly passed away in March and my family’s been working through it since. Things are calming down a bit now that the initial flurry of activities is over. Still plenty to forge on but at least most things are in motion or tied up now.

On my parents’ anniversary, we laid my father’s ashes to rest. The place my mum chose is nice, a quiet and fairly well kept Christian cemetery. We didn’t plan for it to be on my parents’ anniversary, it just so happened it was the only day that my mum, my brothers and I would all be together before we all head off to various destinations.

The little ninja and I have not been home for longer than a week – we were in Malaysia for two weeks initially, then two weeks in Perth with my mum with a (too) brief week’s stint back home with the husband before flying back to Malaysia to put my father’s ashes in his final resting place.

Three more days and we’ll be back in the arms of my loving husband whom we miss terribly.

It’s been 1.5 months since my father’s gone but it still doesn’t feel real. I miss him so much.

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