getting back to exercising

Now that the ninja’s 10 weeks young, I finally feel like I can actually a bit more than just feed, nappy change, settle to sleep and hit repeat every 2 hours. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s becoming more cognizant or if I finally have found my groove/routine with him after last week.


I’d heard about babywearing exercises and was keen to give it a go. Before becoming pregnant, I was getting into weights and core body exercises. Once I was pregnant, I slacked off after the first trimester mostly due to laziness. But, honestly, I did miss having muscle definition and strength.


I was inspired into action after having a catch up with two close girlfriends today. One of them is totally into fitness and she looked amazingly toned  in her skinny jeans. A little spark went off in my head and I decided it was high time I kicked my butt into gear. I jumped online to do a bunch of research and found this link which has been a great starting point for me – Working Out With Your Baby. It looked easy enough so I was game to give it a go. So, I slipped (OK, stretched) into my workout gear, strapped baby into the Manduca carrier and off we went!


Man, don’t let the “low intensity” fool you! Sure, it’s not fast paced (c’mon, you have a precious little bundle strapped to you. I definitely wouldn’t want to cause any harm to my little ninja!) but having a 6kg weight definitely gets your blood pumping and sweat beading! I felt really good after and am definitely going to be expecting some serious muscle aches tomorrow!


Now, I’m not aiming to be a “yummy mummy” as I’ve always been on the slightly chubby side but rather, I want to be strong and healthy so I can be an active part of my child’s life. Already I’ve encountered the back/arm muscle aches that are an occupational hazard as a parent with all the bending over and carrying needed. Here’s to the start of shedding those extra 3-4kgs that are still hanging around after the pregnancy!

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