a couple of firsts (for me)

Last night, I had my first glass (OK, it was half a glass) of wine in nearly a year. An easy drinking red after a long day. Bub wasn’t too hard on me but I just needed some “me time”. Paired it with vanilla ice cream and a slice of apple berry pie, yum!


Then this morning, after feeding the bub, I was carrying him upstairs to change his nappy when I realised that I could feel wetness on my left thigh. My initial thought was, “Oh no! Not a pee leak!” After quickly putting the ninja down on the change table, I looked down and no, it wasn’t a pee leak. It was a milk leak from my left boob. Quickly retraced my steps from the lounge downstairs to upstairs (with bub of course, can’t leave him on the change table alone!) and saw my breadmilk crumb trail. Quickly mopped it up before heading back upstairs to change the ninja’s awesomely heavy nappy. So yeah, first time I’ve left a milk trail.


Phew, the bub is down for a nap (after his usual grizzling) and I will now attempt to finish my breakfast that I started nearly two hours ago.

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