shopping day out

My muscles were aching (but in a good way!) from yesterday’s babywearing exercise routine. Decided that it would be good to stretch them out by going shopping = walking!


Packed up the little ninja along with the Manduca baby carrier and Combi pram and off we went! It’s still school holidays so the shopping centre was somewhat busy but it was still easy enough to find parking.


Wandered around with ninja in the carrier while pushing the pram with the nappy bag in it. He did have a couple of brief crying/screams but calmed down as soon as I started walking – if that’s not an encouragement to keep moving, I don’t know what is!


Went into a Bonds store to look for some 3/4 pants and I was pretty impressed by their changerooms. The one I was ushered into was huge enough I could park the pram in there and still have heaps of room! It even had a built in bench with Bonds branded pillows – perfect for lying the little ninja down on while I tried on pants. He woke up as I placed him on the pillows and stared around the room with big eyes, heh.


At the end, I went into one of the parent rooms there to give him a feed and a nappy change before heading home. After having been to different parent rooms at various places, this one was not as nice as some. I’ll give that it’s definitely not newly done up and it had all the necessary items i.e. change table, nappy bin, sink, microwave, toilet and sofa/chair. Only thing it didn’t have was a lock on the door so there’s no guarantee of privacy. I was lucky that there was no one in there but after I’d settled in with ninja busy milking away, a lady came bustling in as she wanted to wash up some cups and spoons (I’m guessing she works at either the centre management or one of the shops there). She did apologise and probably would’ve left it I’d kicked up a stink but I didn’t really mind. Not long after, the cleaning staff entered to do her duties – I was wondering when the next person was going to come in! Eventually they both left and it was the ninja and I again.


Funny enough, as I was changing ninja’s nappy, another mum poked her head in as she needed to change her kid’s nappy. I was just about finishing up so I invited her to come in and set up, even ended up giving her the last of my baby wipes as she’d left hers in her car. It worked out in the end as we both needed to use the toilet so took turns to keep an eye on each other’s bub before we both headed out.


Hubs was home today so it was lovely to come home to a yummy roast lamb dinner! While he finished prepping, I chatted with our boy who was lying on the beanbag. Got lots of smiles and coos, which made hubs a tiny bit jealous. He says he has to “work for it” but I said it’s probably because I spend more time with him by comparison. I do love watching my two boys play together, it’s very endearing when hubs makes up silly songs/games when interacting with our little one.


Tonight, while we ate dinner, I looked over at the little ninja and he made a sound like a trial laugh! Not quite a proper laugh but a very happy gurgle for sure! Cheeky little man wouldn’t go down for a nap until an hour before his next feed was due. Even then, it was only for 30 minutes…sigh. Still battling this daytime napping thing. He finally zonked out after 10pm so fingers crossed he sleep for 4 hours or so!


Well, laundry’s done so gotta go hand out the washed nappies now before heading to bed!

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