2.5 hours and that’s all

So the little ninja is currently in slumberland, his tiny left fist firmly wedged in his mouth (yes, we have entered into the beginnings of him discovering how delicious his fist is).


Did another round of babywearing exercise today after his lunch and before mine (update: I just finished mine and it’s now quarter to 4pm…).


Grabbing a couple of minutes to quickly blog about last night/this morning’s sleep routine. The small one finally went to sleep about 10pm last night and woke up at 12.30am, an hour after I’d gone to bed finally after hanging out the nappies on the clothes airer. I had hoped we would be lucky enough to get a 3-4 hour sleep stretch but no, it wasn’t to be. He woke up roughly every 2.5 hours until 7am. After feeding and changing his nappy (he had a small poo incident on the change table but thankfully I’d placed a terrycloth towel under his butt which caught it all), I put him back to sleep in his cot and crawled into bed while hoping he would give me at least 2 more hours of sleep. Again, it wasn’t to be – he started crying an hour later so I groaned to hubs to please take him as I was feeling just so tired.


Now, FYI that we have been trialling since last week with me handling all the nappy changes after the last feed of the day until the first feed after 6am as bubs typically wakes only once between midnight and 6am. This is in a bid to help hubs get a better quality of sleep (he still stirs when bub cries but he doesn’t have to fully rouse himself) so he can actually get through a day’s work. For me, I don’t have to look like I’m concentrating because it’s just bubs and I at home whereas hubs needs to! It seems to be working a bit better for us, he gets (slightly) better sleep and (theoretically) is able to help out when he’s home.


However, I must admit that there are times that I can feel bitterness rearing its ugly head when hubs rolls over back to sleep while I stumble blearily across to the other room with bub to feed and do his nappy change. It’s terrible of me considering that when hubs is home, he does actually help out with the little ninja wherever he can. There was one night I was really upset because as I sat there feeding bub, hubs blearily poked his head into the room on his way back to bed after going to the loo. As I was too zonked to say anything but look at him, he took it to be that everything was fine but in reality, I hadn’t processed the words to say, “You’ve left a dirty nappy on the change table from earlier – please can you handle it?” In the end, I had to rinse out two cloth nappies after putting bub back to sleep and it just plain annoyed me at 3am+ in the morning that I had to be awake for a few minutes longer.


The next morning I did mention it to hubs and tried to tell him in the nicest way I could muster up without sounding like a whinging little b***h. He apologised saying he thought everything was fine when I’d said nothing and reassured me that I could always call on him for help if I needed it. Which is quite true as there have been times I’ve struggled with getting a clean nappy on bub during those early AM feeds and bub starts crying so hubs stumbles in to help take over.


I’m so glad that I have a few friends who are mummies themselves and one of them also admitted that it’s hard when the husband just gets to roll over and sleep while we get up to tend to baby. Made me feel like it wasn’t just me that felt that way! Clearly they’ve all managed to survive it so gambate!


Hubs told me that when he spoke to other dads, he was quite surprised that during the work week, most of them didn’t do anything during night/early AM feeds. Their reasoning was that they needed to go to work so it was important to get a good sleep. When I heard that, I was immediately SO grateful that hubs chose to be so hands on in the early days with doing bub’s nappy changes while I got ready to breastfeed. Definitely a keeper!


Now, while bubs is still asleep (18 minutes so far!), I’m going to hurry and tidy up a little while I can!

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