getting back to exercising

Now that the ninja’s 10 weeks young, I finally feel like I can actually a bit more than just feed, nappy change, settle to sleep and hit repeat every 2 hours. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s becoming more cognizant or if I finally have found my groove/routine with him after last week.


I’d heard about babywearing exercises and was keen to give it a go. Before becoming pregnant, I was getting into weights and core body exercises. Once I was pregnant, I slacked off after the first trimester mostly due to laziness. But, honestly, I did miss having muscle definition and strength.


I was inspired into action after having a catch up with two close girlfriends today. One of them is totally into fitness and she looked amazingly toned  in her skinny jeans. A little spark went off in my head and I decided it was high time I kicked my butt into gear. I jumped online to do a bunch of research and found this link which has been a great starting point for me – Working Out With Your Baby. It looked easy enough so I was game to give it a go. So, I slipped (OK, stretched) into my workout gear, strapped baby into the Manduca carrier and off we went!


Man, don’t let the “low intensity” fool you! Sure, it’s not fast paced (c’mon, you have a precious little bundle strapped to you. I definitely wouldn’t want to cause any harm to my little ninja!) but having a 6kg weight definitely gets your blood pumping and sweat beading! I felt really good after and am definitely going to be expecting some serious muscle aches tomorrow!


Now, I’m not aiming to be a “yummy mummy” as I’ve always been on the slightly chubby side but rather, I want to be strong and healthy so I can be an active part of my child’s life. Already I’ve encountered the back/arm muscle aches that are an occupational hazard as a parent with all the bending over and carrying needed. Here’s to the start of shedding those extra 3-4kgs that are still hanging around after the pregnancy!

ninja superpower – the crying

Call me naive, but I don’t think I ever fully understood how my baby’s cries would just cut me!


Sure, I was fortunate enough to read a blog post (can’t recall whether it was during late pregnancy or in the early days of ninja) with this golden piece of parenting advice: This too shall pass. It really helped put things into perspective when I hold a screaming baby who’s turning redder by the second and (sometimes) has big fat tears. Ooohh..those tears! 🙁 It reminded me that while there are hard moments (crying baby, anyone?), there are also plenty of sweet moments (that first grin/coo) that are all so fleeting. Already my little ninja is 9 weeks!


I also recently came across this other blog post called “Brace yourself: The zero to ten scale” which was such a great reminder when I was (yet again) holding a screaming baby who wouldn’t go to sleep without singing me his sleep song. This particular line hooked me:

At 10, loud and incessant crying, your baby is also doing his job.
He’s just a baby and I have to keep reminding myself that his crying is just his current way of communicating everything. One day, he’ll be able to speak words and we’ll then need to work on new ways of communicating effectively. Till then, sweet little boy, mama will hold you and do her best to stay calm for you when you’re screaming in my ear. I will do my best to soothe you and show you that you are so very loved and safe in our arms.


the ninja’s sleep song

Sigh…there are days that I really wish bub came with a mute button. Look, I know that as a baby, their only means of communication is through crying and cooing. It’s not like the little ninja can say, “Mummy, I’m very hungry right now. Please would you feed me?” or “I’m very tired and would like a cuddle before I go to sleep.”


Bub seems to have this thing of having a big ol’ cry before he’ll go to sleep. Not just a little whimper or a little cry, a BIG red-faced cry that just stabs right through our hearts. All we can do is just hold him and try to ensure he knows we’re there with him.


I coined it his “sleep song” as a nicer way of viewing it. There was once I was holding him and half jokingly told him I’d like it if he wouldn’t keep doing encore performances while I was trying to soothe him. I must admit that once he’s calm and lying there, it’s kinda cute how he tries to keep his eyes open as if to make sure we’re still there. His eyes will flutter open then slowly droop shut several times before finally zonking out.


Which brings me to my next point…this fella will sleep anywhere from 2-5 hours at night (for which we are very thankful for) BUT during the day, he just catnaps. Seriously, he’ll sleep 30-45 mins then his eyes will POP open and boom! I can see that he’s still sleepy as he’ll yawn but noooo, mister here won’t go back down for another sleep without a fight. Grrrr…I really really really really hope that he’ll learn to self settle after a sleep cycle so we can actually get consistent naps of at least an hour. He will very occasionally have longer naps on his own. If he’s held or in the Manduca carrier, he’ll sleep for longer easily. Maybe it’s because he’s still so young (he’s still under 12 weeks).


I have noticed that if I sometimes let him fuss around and “sing” me his sleep song, he will eventually fall asleep. Then it’s me praying desperately in my heart to God, “Please let him sleep at least an hour!”


I remember while we were staying with the hubs’ parents for Christmas/New Year, he would go to sleep during the day in the pram and stay asleep on several occasions past an hour. I couldn’t believe it when it happened and kept peeking at him through the side mesh of the pram to make sure he was still breathing. Yeah, paranoia sets in when you’ve been so used to having him wake up so frequently, hehe.


Bub also sometimes has a pitiful whimper in his sleep – it can be startling and often I rush over to check if he’s OK. Poor little guy must be having a bad dream or something, it wrenches my heart when I see his little face all screwed up with a downturned mouth 🙁 It’s also quite funny when he sometimes yelps or does this weird laugh like sound (he’s not yet properly laughing) in his sleep.

baby in a beanbag

A couple years ago, hubs was given an X Rocker Big Kahuna Bean Bag beanbag for Christmas. Whilst it’s a pretty neat thing, he hadn’t really used it much as he has a standing computer desk (it’s better for his back) so it lived on top of a cupboard in our study.


Well, now that we have little ninja around, he suggested we try putting him on it as an alternative to the bassinet. As you can see from the pic above, it has a soft padded area that makes it perfect for lying the bub on without him sinking too far in compared to a normal beanbag.


Now, before you go crucifying me about SIDS and soft surfaces etc, we only put bub on the beanbag when we’re right next to it so we can keep an eye on him. The main thing I’ve inferred about SIDS is basically just keep an eye on the baby.


We’re happy to report that bub seems to like lying on it. I am also hoping that because it’s a bit softer compared to the super firm bassinet, it may help in ensuring he doesn’t develop a flat spot at the back of his head.

hello 2015, farewell 2014

Our first full day at home in 2015. We arrived back yesterday after spending a little over 2 weeks at the hubs’ parents for Christmas/New Years.


2014 was an eventful year filled with ups and downs. The downs I’d rather not share here as they are quite personal. The biggest up of the year – the birth of our little ninja.I was quite blessed to have a smooth pregnancy with no major complications. I did have a week of nausea during the first trimester where all I wanted to eat was bland food e.g. plain bread, cream cheese, crackers. Once that was over, it was back to enjoying food! I did have an aversion to some smells like coffee and five spice powder which made it uh, interesting for me when I had to open my pantry to grab foodstuff.I had a scare in my second trimester where there was one day I couldn’t feel bub moving. You see, he was an active baby and so to not feel him moving at a time I normally would, it worried me. One of my lovely colleagues took me to the hospital so I could get everything checked out. Thank God, he was fine! The nurse and doctor both said that he had probably just changed position in utero so that I couldn’t feel his kicks as much. The nurse showed me on the screen as we did the ultrasound that he was moving around lots inside and all vitals were perfect.I’ll share the ninja’s birth story another day – that deserves its own post. As for 2015, it’s a new year of adventures with my two beloved boys, hubs and bubs. Praying that this year will be a year filled with wonder and growth, with plenty of love and joy to go round.