12 weeks since you came along

The little ninja’s hit 12 weeks. 12 weeks! Sounds like a long time but it sure didn’t feel like it in retrospect. Sure, there were days that it just felt like Groundhog Day, doing the same thing over and over again (feed, play, settle to sleep…oohhh, the settling to sleep!) but I’m doing my best to soak it all in.


Hubs says I take too many pictures of ninja. I blithely ignore him and continue snapping/videoing away. The other night, I was scrolling through the pictures/videos on my phone and I was just in awe of how much he’s changed in 12 weeks. We had friends over for a dinner of home-smoked meat (hubs’ specialty) and board games seeing as it was a long weekend with Australia Day. One of the couples hadn’t seen the ninja since he was 4 weeks and they kept commenting just how much he’d changed e.g. his cheeks had filled out more and he was obviously much bigger/longer.


It wasn’t until I went for my first parent group last week that I realised I’d already forgotten how small he started and what he sounded like in the early weeks. He was so tiny I could easily carry him in the crook of one arm and he mewled with the cutest little quivering bottom lip/chin (my paediatrician friend informed me that was due to his immature nervous system. She also said to record his early cries because that’s the only time it’s cute and not that loud – sadly I didn’t get a recording). Now he’s developing quite a robust cry and it cuts me every time when he gets to that stage of his crying where he makes no sound because he’s crying so hard that he has to catch his breath. I can feel my heart just splitting open when he cries like that 🙁


I love that his little personality is starting to show through. He’s loves “chatting” to me and it’s quite adorable to hear him learning to squeal happily. The ninja is learning to be independently content for brief periods; I sometimes hear him talking to himself while I leave him to do something. It’s pretty cute to hear 🙂


I constantly have to remind myself to prioritise spending time hubs and bubs when they’re around. Like when I’m staring at the laptop/phone screen and bubs will start cooing/chatting to me to get my attention. The massive grin he gives when I look at him and smile with a “Hi!” just does (good) things to my heart.


Today I made sure not to overreach myself after having a bit of a meltdown on Sunday night. Hubs quite firmly insisted that I take a nap at some point during the day and to not stress about getting stuff done. So I took a nap on the lounge with one hand resting on the ninja’s belly as he slept in the beanbag next to me – having one hand on him seemed to be a comforting weight for him and he slept for longer than an hour! Bliss!


We went for a walk around our area today in lieu of babywearing exercise as I wasn’t feeling up to it. He loves being in the Manduca carrier, it’s a surefire way to put him to sleep for sure! Felt good to get some outside air and move around a bit compared to being holed up inside.

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